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Supra Polaris Unamplified Binaural Heads P1P61U10P

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Supra Polaris Unamplified Binaural Heads P1P61U10P
The World's Best-Selling Headset Thanks to Superior Sound Quality and Unsurpassed Comfort Plantronics headsets have become the world's talking point, with more than six million in use today. The Supra headset owes its popularity to the fact that it combines light weight with superior sound quality and outstanding comfort. A fully adjustable headband design provides good stability, while a soft ear cushion not only gives optimum comfort but also helps buffer distracting background noise.

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    California Telephony, Inc. :: Headsets, Cables, Telecom Hardware :: Telephone Headsets :: Supra Polaris Unamplified Binaural Heads P1P61U10P
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    California Telephony, Inc. :: Headsets, Cables, Telecom Hardware :: Telephone Headsets :: Supra Polaris Unamplified Binaural Heads P1P61U10P
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    California Telephony, Inc. :: Headsets, Cables, Telecom Hardware :: Telephone Headsets :: Supra Polaris Unamplified Binaural Heads P1P61U10P
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    California Telephony, Inc. :: Headsets, Cables, Telecom Hardware :: Telephone Headsets :: Supra Polaris Unamplified Binaural Heads P1P61U10P
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    California Telephony, Inc. :: Headsets, Cables, Telecom Hardware :: Telephone Headsets :: Supra Polaris Unamplified Binaural Heads P1P61U10P
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    California Telephony, Inc. :: Headsets, Cables, Telecom Hardware :: Telephone Headsets :: Supra Polaris Unamplified Binaural Heads P1P61U10P
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