Starset Headset P1H31

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Starset Headset P1H31
All-day Comfort. Super lightweight headset -- under 1/2 oz. -- with soft, pliable Versatip® eartip and ergonomic behind-the-ear styling stays comfortable all day. Reduced Background Noise. Eartip helps to seal out background noise from surrounding areas. Superior Sound. Supports Call Clarity and SoundGuard® Plus™ systems which deliver unmatched acoustic quality. Reliability. Durable design and replaceable accessories result in a headset you can count on. Ideal for those who need a comfortable, convenient headset for noisy environments. The ultra-lightweight, Starset headset rests comfortably behind the ear. Its soft, pliable Versatip eartip gently conforms to the natural contours of your ear while providing the acoustic seal necessary to block out background noise. The StarSet® NC model further improves outgoing acoustic quality with a unidirectional microphone that cuts ambient noise transmission by up to 75%.

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