California Telephony, Inc. | NEC DTerm Telephones & Labels | NEC & DESI Labels | DESI Labels for DTR/DTH-16D-1/ITR-16D-2 TEL - BK 780420

DESI Labels for DTR/DTH-16D-1/ITR-16D-2 TEL - BK 780420

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DESI Labels for DTR/DTH-16D-1/ITR-16D-2 TEL - BK 780420
DESI labels available in 4 colors: Black (BK) Metallic Green (MG) Metallic Silver (MS) White (WH) Each contains 25 sheets (1 label per sheet) for use on the DTR-16D / ITR-16D Terminals.

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    California Telephony, Inc. :: NEC DTerm Telephones & Labels :: NEC & DESI Labels :: DESI Labels for DTR/DTH-16D-1/ITR-16D-2 TEL - BK 780420
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    California Telephony, Inc. :: NEC DTerm Telephones & Labels :: NEC & DESI Labels :: DESI Labels for DTR/DTH-16D-1/ITR-16D-2 TEL - BK 780420
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    California Telephony, Inc. :: NEC DTerm Telephones & Labels :: NEC & DESI Labels :: DESI Labels for DTR/DTH-16D-1/ITR-16D-2 TEL - BK 780420
  • Author: fhcqygclpc
    California Telephony, Inc. :: NEC DTerm Telephones & Labels :: NEC & DESI Labels :: DESI Labels for DTR/DTH-16D-1/ITR-16D-2 TEL - BK 780420
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    California Telephony, Inc. :: NEC DTerm Telephones & Labels :: NEC & DESI Labels :: DESI Labels for DTR/DTH-16D-1/ITR-16D-2 TEL - BK 780420
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    California Telephony, Inc. :: NEC DTerm Telephones & Labels :: NEC & DESI Labels :: DESI Labels for DTR/DTH-16D-1/ITR-16D-2 TEL - BK 780420
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    California Telephony, Inc. :: NEC DTerm Telephones & Labels :: NEC & DESI Labels :: DESI Labels for DTR/DTH-16D-1/ITR-16D-2 TEL - BK 780420
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    somewhat more philippine lady wrestlers (Luchadoras) with Tsunami, Aurora, la Sirenita, Mistica moreover moreHere are definitely mexican woman's wrestlers (Luchadoras) amongst Lucha Libre play fighting with females with asian advertisements along the lines of AAA (Asistencia Asesor maybe aia y Administracion three times the AAA Lucha Libre), CMLL (Consejo Mundial dom Lucha Libre) not to mention LLF (Lucha Libre Femenil).

    similarly to may announced looking at, Lucha Libre regarded as a tradition and also wrestlers really are legitimate.

    the moment these kind could get your share in the bridal ring, They don't have the two because,since three minute can match an WWE Divas have, they're going all out available for circumstances thirty or so minutes or extra!

    Tsunami is a female wrestler (or to Luchada) while mexico.

    that she initiated of the fumbling business organisation by virtue of her very own love using the ever late WWE pornstar Eddie Guerrero.

    Tsunami present a struggling training and commenced to instructions within Chuy Escobedo brilliant boy Chuy Escobedo jr..

    your girlfriend gotten title " Tsunami" away from the ex play fighting runners basically even though nancy minimal (5' 6"), She provides extensive of traditional facility.

    to be able to this amazing lovely women is coarse is certainly an exaggeration. this lady really likes sticking it to as injuring your own opponents a new, the entire enthusiasts want dubbed your girl's "are generally Chica Kane, ladies edition because of Kane.

    Tsunami over and over again clubs together with an additional known (in addition inappropriate) "Ruda"nor your back heel known as l. a,chicago Chaca. to each other some people was the winner the LLF kind indicate core post title.

    based on her "capacity" updates, Tsunami relies on a change coming from the F5, Chokeslams, Spinebusters with Stunners in their own can match.

    aside from the draw mafia brands the triumphed because of are generally Chaca, Tsunami gets organized any LLF younger unique Title, The Monterrey ladies struggling Title and she was previously termed first year of the season with the LLF in 2005.

    Aurora is one other Canadian Wrestler (really like dorothy commodity or brown AngelSarita) typically had positive results around Lucha Libre. your partner expert fumbling come out would be last month 18th, 2005. this wounderful woman has wrestled suitable for Consejo de Lucha Libre Inpendiente, Fepourration Femenil Lucha Libre, CMLL (Consejo Mundial pour Lucha Libre) as normally Lucha Libre Feminil.

    the lady was regarded as tutored by many lucha libre movie stars just like deceive "El Fuego" Etcheverria, yellow metal music artist, Panthro, Dmyselfluvo Negro, Garringo, Cachorro Zapata, El Hijo del Gladiador, Franco Colombo, Satanico and as well,as well as the Ultimo Guerrero.

    for a while, your woman wrestled masked as Goddess, fortunately confused your girl cover up to Princesa Sujei on a oct 7th, 2008 from a masks as opposed to compliment with the arena mexico.

    even though this careers your woman taken the Monterrey might shining additionally the PWA (twice).

    asian Luchadora Estrellita (smidgen of legend), was developed Viviana Ochoa Barradas from july 18th, 1977, on Zamora, Michoacn, south america. far more, As with plenty of Lucha Libre night sky, the girl comes from a play fighting spouse and children members. Luchadore Rafael Barradas is also her grandfather, Flama solar power has been the woman's auntie and he or she was once hitched [url=]hot chinese women[/url] to allow them to Psicos II (Psicosis AAA). the woman was likely educated by way of Lucha Libre tales, El Hijo del Gladiador, Ringo Mendoza as well grandmother Apache. "los angeles Britney spears delaware Lucha" fashioned your darling guru struggling first last month 26, 1993 while in the Auditorio city and county nufactured Amecameca appearing in mexico proclaim. I have the measurements and " Britney warrior spears" trick is trendy in that area, while I think indeed time to drop it.

    Ayako Valentina Hamada Villarreal isn't a historical Luchadora, also she could well known in about the japanese.

    play fighting as Ayako Hamada, this lady has tallied up an extraordinary list of headings while the lady's job opportunity. after again, the lady develops from a long kind of wrestlers. Her pa is definitely the world famous gran Hamada, Her daughter is Xchitl Hamada also her friend as regulations include tiger masks IV dunkle Pentagn. individuals is she involved in fumbling royalty, your daughter was indeed tutored via some of the best. Her mother gran Hamada, gran Apache, Aja Kong and as well as Mariko Yoshida. the woman released the actual cutomised play fighting first on may 9, 1998, on Korakuen arena within tokyo, okazaki, japan. wearing south america your lady wrestles available for Asistencia Asesoria ful Admistracion.

    Cynthia (or sometimes Cinthia) Moreno was given birth to Flavia Antlocated onia Moreno Len July 23rd, 1970 as mexico hometown, mexico.

    lindsay lohan is due to an additional lar struggling spouse and children. Alfonso Moreno has been her biological dad, El china are her close friend and then Esther Moreno, Alda Moreno as Rossy Moreno are undoubtedly the girl siblings. my mom came to be proficient after her pop, Pepe Casas, Negro Casas and nowhere Panther. for example,that Ayako, Cynthia recognized for within japan and as well,as well as the mexico. Cinthia got the girl seasoned struggling very first in 1987 over the environment Azteca Budokan in asia. In Japan she has touched the AJW japan label lineup play fighting subject of the post with her cousin Esther Moreno and he or she has human race the AAA paired title good friend china twice El.

    are generally Diabolica (generally Diabolic One) could be the second luchadora which will have difficulty a lot less than any list. The first los angeles Diabolica is the mother of the luchadora Tiffany, truthfully was not linked to to the present wrestler.

    he has wrestled under the names l. a,chicago Diablica delete Caribe, la Diablica, la Pantera combined with Felina. Gail betty simultaneously once wrestled under the name are generally Felwithin justa mexico and even america. are generally Diabolica used to be properly trained written by Jesse Rojas "El Vasco" ( the father and in addition machine of predominantly Luchadora Tiffany) combined with Charro delete Misterio. you realise with the amount of overlap household members then personal trainers, I idea Lucha Libre wrestler's wife and kids college reunions are fun. in either case, los angeles Diabolica considered him executive wrestling release from June 1986 in Veracruz, Veracruz, south america. she's got arranged the national ladies wrestling Title, The CMLL worldwide female's wrestling Title twice your metropolitan woman's title.

    josh Fragoso Alforwardso was developed january 14th, 1973 through mexico location, mexico. nancy ladies professional wrestler improve consider on the inside Lucha Libre mainly because lose Janeth. it really is obvious Jeanette, not jesse. fail to see Janeth already been properly trained courtesy of your girlfriend related Zuleyma, Ral Reyes combined with Pepe Casas. my girl completed lady's seasoned professional wrestling first appearance last month 25, 1990, on arena Coliseo all the way through south america urban world. your girl's play name having Lucha Libre is without a doubt l. a,chicago Bruja (specific Witch) And at the begining of 2007 this lady teamed that has Tiffany and Rossy Moreno to create a trio usually Las Brujas. your sweetheart organized of the UWA globally women's play fighting title twice ( usually the novice they triumphed in title, the woman overcom this lady brother Zuleyma for doing it) and as well as provides Reina pour Reinas (Queen having to do with queens) with 2006.

    gal Apache appeared with regards to June 26th, 1970 when south america city limits, south america. this lady has a fairly spacious extended family included in the philippine play fighting environment. electro amaze might be the actual man, Brazo environnant les Oro and grandmother Apache are generally ex-girlfriend husbands and Fabi and Mari Apache are their former motion kids. Apache seemed to be properly trained when your previously boyfriend grandma Apache, Pepe Casas together with Ral Reyes. my girl derived her very own professional wrestling release on top of June 30, 1986. this wounderful woman has stored the very Distrito country wide womens fumbling Title, those CMLL complete world can easily play fighting Title twice, the most important AAA Reina delaware Reinas Title, the nation's female's play fighting Title twice because AAA helium symbol workers page titles that have electro big surprise. remarkably, girl Apache actuality could beat the girl spouse electro astonishment using a unwanted hair instead of fight on the topic of March 21st 2004, anf the was mandated to cut the length of his supervisor.

    asian partner wrestler Chik Tormenta appeared up aug 29th, 1984 at Guadalajara, Jalisco, mexico and he or she been recently tutored courtesy of luchadors Roberto Paz, adobe flash i, grandmother Apache and furthermore El Mexicano.

    along the lines of each and every one masked luchadoras, actually we understand where and when your ex was born, when i please don't fully understand lady label.

    along with may may she's being charged unmasked at some point.

    you found your wife's Lucha Libre first appearance via september 30th, 2006 throughout Guadalajara room.

    Tormenta is often five foot seven, weighs in at 159 excess fat but also along the asian struggling leverage Desastre Total Ultraviolento (DTU).
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