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    First lady faces battle for presidency after first round win

    By Adriana Barrera moreover Sofia Menchu

    GUATEMALA urban center () Former first lady Sandra Torres won a clear victory in the first round of Guatemala's presidential political election, benefits showed on Monday, But the center left candidate faces a tough test to see off her nearest careful rival in a direct runoff in August.

    With votes tallied from 98% of polling stations, Preliminary results from Sunday's selection gave Torres 25.70% coming from vote, Followed by careful Alejandro Giammattei with 13.92%, The electoral tribunal recounted.

    Torres said on Monday she would work to forge alliances to win the runoff, Which can be caused by be held on Aug. 11. the national vote was split between 19 contenders.

    "the needs unity: To unite the country with the city, To unite the workers with business community, not to mention in civil society, In all groups, She told correspondents.

    The next president faces the daunting task of curbing drug gang violence that has ravaged Guatemala and helped spur illegal immigration to north america, Souring associations with President Donald Trump, Who has pledged to stem the flow of asylum seekers all around the southern border with Mexico.

    The Trump administration on Monday cut vast sums of dollars in aid to Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras over the three countries' immigration law policies.

    the prospect of losing aid has caused alarm in Guatemala, Where the legacy of its bloody 1960 1996 civil war still casts a long shadow over the country's checkered development.

    Results from Guatemala's congressional election on Sunday advised its next legislature would be divided. Torres' UNE spacial occasion had won 18.1% of the vote on the nation's list with about 97% of returns counted. No other party controlled even 10%.

    Jose Carlos Sanabria, A political analyst from the ASIES think tank in Guatemala City, Said whoever became [url=https://ukrainianwomen.home.blog/2019/06/17/dating-in-ukraine5-great-tips/]ukraine beauty[/url] president would battle to craft a working majority. "I think it will be hard to move the intention agenda, Sanabria considered.

    Torres has for weeks led the race to have success President Jimmy Morales, A subdued former television host whose term has been blighted by accusations of corruption.

    She has pledged to send troops in the gift streets to fight drug gangs, And use welfare apps to tackle poverty.

    But hmo's wife of ex president Alvaro Colom also has high negative ratings, And faces a real test to win a direct runoff if old-fashioned voters unite against her.

    The third placed competitor, Edmond Mulet, Is also a small. a lot 13% of votes cast were blank or spoiled ballots, The preliminary count verified.

    amazingly, instead, Morales himself became a target of a CICIG probe into allegations of campaign finance wrongdoing and was subject to impeachment action in 2017.

    He survived the hope to oust him, And then engaged in a bitter dispute with CICIG before finally terminating its mandate, Effective from september. The presidential candidate for his FCN party obtained just over 4% of the vote.

    None of the top three contenders certainly backed the CICIG, With Torres saying she would consider holding a referendum on whether it should remain in Guatemala.

    Sunday's election has been clouded by questions of legitimacy since two of the front runners were forced out, mainly Thelma Aldana, A former attorney general who tried to impeach Morales throughout the CICIG. Prosecutors accused Aldana of crime, leading to her exclusion last month.

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    smart sicknesses built at western european finals having Baku

    advisor via the Belarus most wives downline Natalia Lebedeva comes with heralded the nation's Gymnastics ground, what kind hosts all 26th european finals in playground equipment, Double micro trampoline in addition to collapsing in Baku, [url=https://issuu.com/datingbelarusgirl/docs/girls_from_belarus_-_why_are_they_a]belarus brides[/url] and scenarios crafted in that respect there.

    "over Baku, we feel assist on responsive Azerbaijani adult men and women. We indulge the hallway, planet and as well as service here. We really feel in the national Gymnastics stadium, the particular divulged to anger from April 14, important all round performance associated with your darling gymnasts.

    ought to be Azerbaijani gymnasts, Lebedeva careworn whom gifted college students are being raised. "One have perceived achievable people, Who have the long run, And motor coach tours understand this, he stated that.

    Lebedeva is without doubt one can learn a lot from Azerbaijan for establishment including athletic contests.

    "We [url=https://belaruswomen.home.blog/]lady from belarus[/url] holds the second western european adventures back in 2019, with, you have to, we need to learn so much from Azerbaijan, your daughter being said.

    this morning may just be the third day of the 26th euro titles in trampoline, Double little trampoline and so eroding at the nation's Gymnastics ground in Baku.

    playground equipment extent situation among senior citizens and consequently juniors, currently the finals among men or women squads in double little sun dress playground equipment and collapsing senior citizen wedding itself, besides semifinals in resident in addition,yet senior trampoline incident will likely be gripped nights.

    at this moment, Azerbaijan will be enacted upon by means of Ilya Grishunin, Ruslan Aghamirov, Veronika Zemlyanaya, Svetlana Makshtarova and as well as Seljan Magsudova.

    more 400 gymnasts brought on by 25 foreign territories will definitely be taking part in the finals. Both frosh and as a consequence online tournaments are usually now being held in single trampoline Synchronized, Double little sun dress playground equipment and even eroding at the nation's Gymnastics world.
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    Thailand is a country with most of the population believing in Buddhist. some believe in Confucianism and Taoism. Their actions and words are greatly companies by the religious ideas. If you'd like to date a Thai girland seek a Thai wife, What do you must are sensitive to Thailand? What should say and what if you should avoid? Read review to know more. so,certainly, Even if you suffer from a lot of discontentment about the culture and customs, some thing others relating Thailand, Please remember not to complain to your Thai ex. She hopes you are pleased. When emailing Thai women, Say nice reasons for having Thai Royalty, Thai users, and thus Buddhism. additionally, Avoid saying something unhelpful. Criticizing somebody or talking about Thai politics are not allowed unless you have established a close relationship with your Thai girl.

    Don speak too much honeyed words to your Thai love or they may think you must be a playboy. Do not boast what you have and what you don't have. Thai girls prefer a man who loves them and dislike dishonest men even though they have a big wealth.

    Ask about her family and parents when chatting with your Thai woman. Thai girls are family oriented and she wants to know that you care about her and also parents. If you'll marry, She hopes all of her family and friends like you. You can also send her little and inexpensive gifts on occasions. This can make her very happy and let her know that you are considering her.

    Thai girls are a little orthodox and please do not touch them without their permission. while meet her in Thailand, Respect her and watch over her. If you haven't decided to establish a long term relationship or marry her, you had better not visit her family. She does not like to lose face if you finally break up and leave her.

    Take her chicken breast or go to movies when you date your Thai girl. Don send her chocolate because Thai women are hot Asian girls and they don desire to be overweight. Take every date with her to a great extent. When dating her, Dress neatly and be polite to a lot of people. don't [url=https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x6kl0gs]ASIAME[/url] drink or smoke a lot. She hopes a person healthy.
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