California Telephony, Inc. | NEC Elite | NEC Elite IPK II | PGD(2)-U10 ADP 2 Circuit adapter for Doorphone/Ext Spkr/Ext MOH/Ext Record 750305

PGD(2)-U10 ADP 2 Circuit adapter for Doorphone/Ext Spkr/Ext MOH/Ext Record 750305

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PGD(2)-U10 ADP 2 Circuit adapter for Doorphone/Ext Spkr/Ext MOH/Ext Record 750305
Provides two circuits which allow connection to external terminals such as Door Phone (8 max), External Speaker with Amplifier (8 max), External Music Source (external MOH), or External Recording System - Connected to ESIB (8)-U20 ETU, uses two ports on ESIB / ESIE (8)-U20 (if mounted).

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