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save 67%
Nec Elite IPK small office telephone system refurbished
Equipped for
16 digital station ports
8 central office lines
1 music on hold and 1 page rca port
1 -24 button series i reception telephone
8 -16 button executive speakerphones
1 -2 port 9 hour voice mail/auto attendant

The system will be pre-programed to your specifications and shipped ready for service.
You can have a local technician do the physical installation or we may be able to refer a qualified tech. With some knowledge of wiring you might be able to install it yourself. In any case we would provide remote support.
System comes with a 90 day warranty on all parts. Extended warranty is available (call for price)

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Shipping Wt: 58.00 lbs
MSRP: $4800.00
Our price: $1599.00
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