California Telephony, Inc. | NEC SV8100 / SV8300 | SV8100 SV8300 Telephones | ITL-2E-1 (BK) TEL - DT710 - IP 2 w/o LCD (BK) 690000

ITL-2E-1 (BK) TEL - DT710 - IP 2 w/o LCD (BK) 690000

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ITL-2E-1 (BK) TEL - DT710 - IP 2 w/o LCD (BK) 690000
6 Button Black Terminal with Display

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    California Telephony, Inc. :: NEC SV8100 / SV8300 :: SV8100 SV8300 Telephones :: ITL-2E-1 (BK) TEL - DT710 - IP 2 w/o LCD (BK) 690000
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    California Telephony, Inc. :: NEC SV8100 / SV8300 :: SV8100 SV8300 Telephones :: ITL-2E-1 (BK) TEL - DT710 - IP 2 w/o LCD (BK) 690000
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    California Telephony, Inc. :: NEC SV8100 / SV8300 :: SV8100 SV8300 Telephones :: ITL-2E-1 (BK) TEL - DT710 - IP 2 w/o LCD (BK) 690000
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