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ELITEMAIL CTI LX 16 PORT CTP Media PKG (w/DSP) Item includes the DSP and is equipped to support 16 ports.

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    California Telephony, Inc. :: NEC Elite :: Elite Voicemail :: ELITEMAIL CTI LX 16 PORT CTP PKG(W/DSP) 750184
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    California Telephony, Inc. :: NEC Elite :: Elite Voicemail :: ELITEMAIL CTI LX 16 PORT CTP PKG(W/DSP) 750184
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    California Telephony, Inc. :: NEC Elite :: Elite Voicemail :: ELITEMAIL CTI LX 16 PORT CTP PKG(W/DSP) 750184
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    California Telephony, Inc. :: NEC Elite :: Elite Voicemail :: ELITEMAIL CTI LX 16 PORT CTP PKG(W/DSP) 750184
  • Author: cwoenfbcs
    California Telephony, Inc. :: NEC Elite :: Elite Voicemail :: ELITEMAIL CTI LX 16 PORT CTP PKG(W/DSP) 750184
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