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CUST DESI LAB DT(X)8D-1/IT(X)8D-2/3 (25) 780453

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CUST DESI LAB DT(X)8D-1/IT(X)8D-2/3 (25) 780453
DESI labels available in 4 colors: Black (BK) –Metallic Green (MG) –Metallic Silver (MS) –White (WH). Each contains 25 sheets s (1 label per sheet) for use on the DTR-8D/ ITR-8D Terminals.

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    California Telephony, Inc. :: NEC DTerm Telephones & Labels :: NEC & DESI Labels :: CUST DESI LAB DT(X)8D-1/IT(X)8D-2/3 (25) 780453
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    California Telephony, Inc. :: NEC DTerm Telephones & Labels :: NEC & DESI Labels :: CUST DESI LAB DT(X)8D-1/IT(X)8D-2/3 (25) 780453
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