California Telephony, Inc. | NEC Elite | NEC Elite 48/192/IPK | CT(U)-R Unit USB TAPI Adapter works w/DTerm Series i or IPK Terminals on Elite. 780130

CT(U)-R Unit USB TAPI Adapter works w/DTerm Series i or IPK Terminals on Elite. 780130

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CT(U)-R Unit USB TAPI Adapter works w/DTerm Series i or IPK Terminals on Elite. 780130
Connects an Electra Elite IPK Multi-line terminal to a PC. Supports USB interface. Requires an AC-2R Unit.

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    California Telephony, Inc. :: NEC Elite :: NEC Elite 48/192/IPK :: CT(U)-R Unit USB TAPI Adapter works w/DTerm Series i or IPK Terminals on Elite. 780130
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    California Telephony, Inc. :: NEC Elite :: NEC Elite 48/192/IPK :: CT(U)-R Unit USB TAPI Adapter works w/DTerm Series i or IPK Terminals on Elite. 780130
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